Japan lands robot rovers on Asteroid Ryugu

Japanese space agency landed two unmanned rovers on Asteroid Ryugu.

The two unmanned rovers, collectively known as MINERVA-II1, seperated from the Hayabusa2 spacecraft on Saturday and landed on the asteroid.

This is the first time in history that a mobile exploration robot landed on the surface of an asteroid.

Asteroids are believed to give a lot of information about the formation of the solar system billions of years ago. It is a 1km-wide space rock which is expected to be “rich in water and organic materials” which will “clarify interactions between the building blocks of Earth and the evolution of its oceans and life, thereby developing solar system science”, according to JAXA.

Below is an image on July 27 when Hayabusa2 arrived at asteroid Ryugu and hovered at a distance of about 20km from the surface.

ryugu1“JAXA, University of Tokyo & collaborators”

For more information, follow the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency


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