What is Federation Aerospace?

Why did this page appear on my newsfeed? What’s with the yellow triangle? Free shirt?

Greetings all. My name is Craig and I have a passion for space exploration… an obsession? Yeah let’s call it an obsession. I also tend to find new hobbies and take them to the extreme, which brings us to July 24th of this year when I decided to start an Aerospace company. My son and I had fun building model rockets a few weeks before and this seemed like the next logical step.

So I registered the business with Revenue Canada and received a business number. It was surprisingly easy and FREE. Then I took the next few days to tell everyone, “Hey, I own a space company!” which was a lot of fun. But I still had to actually do something with it.

The next step was to get help because I knew I couldn’t do this on my own. I had to find people who have passion, but would also be willing to work for free. So I asked Gary to help me design a logo for the company. We had worked together for many years and he had helped me with a previous design project so I knew he would enjoy the task. So then bam..we had an experienced graphic designer!

A few weeks later, Roger helped me register Federationaerospace.com and create social media accounts for the business. Not only does he have a passion for coding and web design, but also shares my passion for space! …and then we had our web designer / software engineer!

Obviously we are all fans of Elon Musk, so we decided to do what he did…except do it backwards. Instead of earning millions to invest in engineering new rockets to get contracts to pay for humans to one day live on mars…then sell SpaceX shirts online…we just went right for the shirts. We will sell things to raise the money to pay for rockets, and licenses and legal fees, and more legal stuff…lots of legal stuff …to make contacts, hire engineers and then space here we come. We also plan on donating part of it to The Planetary Society, where real space exploration happens, as well as giving away merchandise and model rocket kits on a regular basis. If we can inspire others and get kids interested in science… we won.

What is the best case scenario with all of this? Actually building an aerospace company and launching rockets. Worst case? We learn a lot about starting a company and get to have fun shooting rockets. There is no lose.

Ill be posting often about our progress and any support..even a thumbs up would be appreciated.





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