So, it’s interesting to be told by people that you are nuts, but that they still support you. I don’t know if it’s meant in the way that …you need help and I’m here for you, or if they say I’m nuts because that’s what they have to say, but then some inner child screams “YEAH I want to fly to the moon”… so then they add “I support you.” Either way, all of us here at Federation Aerospace appreciate your support.

Lessons learned in the past week:

  1. Zoning laws are important and that if you start a business in your home you need to apply for permit, pay for a permit and then pay property tax on the business.
  2. There are loads of model rocket clubs in Canada and the US full of nice people who also love shooting plastic missiles into the sky
  3. You don’t need a degree in rocket science to get a license to fire HIGH POWERED rockets! It’s still a lot of work, but something very obtainable in the near future. (which will be essential to the whole “reaching space” plan)
  4. …and the most inspiring part of the past week was having an email conversation with someone who founded a private rocket company. No, not Elon, but a founder of Up Aerospace. He has done a lot of work with the Discovery Channel and won the competition back in 2004 (against Space Ship One) to have the first amateur rocket reach space! What a joy!

At the moment it’s full steam ahead. We are working on finishing the legal stuff, have a spot secured for future launches, rocket parts are being shipped in and sponsorship is now part of the conversation.

If this peaks your interest and you want to support us, please donate. We accept anything from thumbs up and high fives, to large novelty checks.

Lots of exciting stuff to come…



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