“space company” -to- Space Company?

Space is far away. Not all that far if we think land distance 100km…St. John’s to Whitbourne. But, straight up, fighting to overcome the force of gravity… its pretty friggin’ far. So far, I have sent something roughly 1000 ft (304m). So still 99.696% of the way to go…

But let’s look at our business progress that got us to the 1% in the past week.

  • Business application submitted and waiting for approval. I still have a feeling there may be more questions regarding an “aerospace company” that I’m planning to run out of my basement.
  • First 2-stage model rocket built and waited to be tested
  • A local business has taken interest in our company and there may be partnered events in the near future. Hopefully more to come soon 🙂
  • We currently have permission to use a small site which is great, but also very limiting. Hopefully a deal will be made in the next week to be able to use a very large piece of cleared land for launches as we begin to scale up.
  • We were liked and retweeted by @worldspaceweek!
  • We hired our director of sales and marketing development, Ryan Sookdeo!
  • We hired our science educator, in charge of educational content/videos Aaron Hammond!

Wow that was a busy week… Just wait until we get to 2%.




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