…and I’m floating in a most peculiar way.

After several busy weeks full of email replies, phone calls and crazy ideas… things have gone silent. The next steps all rely on permits, votes and handshakes that allow us to continue. I’ve been thinking about sending persuasive fruit baskets or chocolates… but that could backfire and be taken as a “bribe.” That’s a joke if anyone from my town council or from Transport Canada is reading this 🙂

The creative juices have slowed as I read and get confused by conflicting rules on airspace regulation. Everything from being told ‘I’m completely allowed to fly something to a particular altitude’ to ‘a business use of the airspace can result in fines up to $25,000’ has been a challenge to understand. I plan to get clarification on that before I take a chance.

So, for now.. design and build, but launches are on hold. On hold…hopefully pending an announcement 😉

Also! T-shirt giveaway is this Sunday! Please continue to Like and Share us on facebook, your support is appreciated.

New Apparel and a YouTube channel are both coming soon…:)



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