Shields up, Damage Report.

I don’t enjoy failure. I can’t imagine that anyone does. We hear it all the time that “failure and being uncomfortable mean that real progress is happening.” Can’t we just outsmart the failure… ‘pre-plan the fail’ so that we can pre-vent it and then ‘post-succeed.’

We are an aerospace company that will design and launch real rockets, really high and take everyone along for the ride. We will show you how, where, and why we do this and invite you to do it too. We want you to be with us every step of the way and show that it’s possible for anyone to reach new heights, literally.

So for those who decide to follow our guide… watch our future documentary… read our lengthy and well sourced wiki… this shit is not easy.

Here are my lessons learned this week. 
1. There are many scams out there for “small business funding”
2. It’s easier to start a business when you have a product. “space” is not a product.
3. Nobody emails anyone ever..unless they HAVE to… Time to start dialing.
4. It’s always too windy in NL.

Now for our highlight reel of success for the week:
1. The people I have along-side of me in this venture are some of the most passionate people I have ever met. From funding, to daily genius ideas …to late night rants… these people care, and I’m thankful for them. Whatever we are doing here… It’s becoming an adventure.
2. The town has approved my business permit!
3. If your software trial has expired, sometimes you just need to do a system restore and change the time and date to 30 days ago and you are good to go again. Or so a friend has told me.
4.  Finalized design of [secret rocket project] and found a source to manufacture parts! Big things are coming.



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